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i’ve loved what i call modern art aka graffiti > since the first time i saw WILD STYLE in 1983. as a lil kid that form of expression + hip-hop culture dictated a big part of my life. early on, my glimpses were from visiting muscle beach venice (not present yuppy venice > i mean bloods/crips filled 1990’s venice!!) + i was intoxicated by the art images comin’ from the tagging crews in the Bronx (i see you BEAT STREET) + my fave artist Keith Haring.

Graffiti (singular: graffito) is writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. Wildstyle > is graffiti with text so stylized as to be difficult to read, often with interlocking, three-dimensional type »  WILD STYLE Trailer 

we no longer have 2 watch reports of police searching 4 kids who tagged on the freeway. the world finally caught up 2 this movement. we’ve always had sick murals and great latin influenced graffiti. but now it is ON. i am not talkin obvious shepard fairey stuff > i am talkin next level WEST COAST ish.

so open ur sunroof >  put on KDAY (93.5) > and drive down any L.A. street or back alley » there is expression in full form all instagram worthy » WE$T$IIIIIIIIDE.

CLICK to ENLARGE PHOTOS for DETAILS » like that bird on that lamp post !!

Photo cred @TheRealDreDrea » dedicated to my ride or die Natalie Levy/Grey Ant xx


queen SHAREEN is a dream

Truth: No one has had more of an impact in/on my fashion life ~ than Shareen Mitchell of Shareen Vintage. 

All Shareen girls, as she calls us (her celeb A-lister clients included), will say the same thing ~ NO ONE has an eye for style ~ like she does. You will instantly want to move into the Parisian boudior- feeling store.

thanks Huffington Post for the pic above: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/melody-godfred/shareen-on-west-third_b_1619838.html

my deets: SHAREEN VINTAGE CAFTAN/antique rings + my bangles are from South Africa xx


Zani (simplyzani.tumblr.com), Me, and Natalie Rotman (natalierotman.tumblr.com)

She is such an inspiration. I definitely want to do what she does when I grow up. She helped us so much with writing, interviewing, and stepping out of our comfort zones as journalists.

spending the afternoon with the FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES… I’ve worn many laminates but this #WhiteHouse one takes the cake 👍 (at Michelle Obama luncheon)

fun times w/ the best in photography biz > hi ‪#‎DavidLaChapelle‬ + @josephllanes